Small Logo for My Local PlumberGas Leaks Test, Locate, and Repair

Gas leaks are nothing to mess around with. Call us immediately if you suspect a leak. We can test gas lines, detect leaks, pinpoint the leaks, and then repair them. We find and fix gas leaks almost every day. It is what we do. We can quickly pull a city permit, if it is needed, get your repairs done and work with the city and gas company to get your gas turned back on.

I Have a Gas Leak

Test, Locate, and Repair

If you smell gas (sulphur smell or rotten egg smell) you should open your doors and windows to allow fresh air in, leave the property, and from a safe location call us right away. We're here to help keep you safe!

Gas Leak Repairs

We are licensed to pull permits and repair leaks

It can be tempting... however do not let a handyman repair leaks on your gas system. Make sure they are licensed to work on gas lines. If the gas company has shut-off your gas we can pull the permit and work to get your gas restored. Call us and let us help you.

Moving or Adding New Gas Lines

New Installs And Moves

Have you always wanted to cook with gas? In your kitchen or outside? We can run new gas lines to your kitchen cooktop or outside grill! It is more cost friendly now and can be done quickly. Sometimes in just one day!