Slab Leak Detection, Location, and Repair

Using advanced cameras and location equipment, we can identify the problem areas, and then pinpoint exact locations with advanced locator hardware. Thus ensuring that any steps we take to correct the problem are in exactly the correct location and minimimzing any interruption to your home, floors, walls, yard, etc. Call, text, or email us today for a free estimate.

Slab Leak Detection

Advanced Detection Equipment.

We cameras and a type of sonar to hyper accurately listen for and detect if there is a leak under your houses foundation or slab. This can be one of the most costly plumbing repairs to take care of, so we are going to be 100% sure of our diagnosis before we do anything. Call us today!

Slab Leak Locating

Locating Techniques

We have some of the most advanced locating and listening devices int he plumbing industry. We will ensure we have the exact location of the leak or leaks, before we start doing a thing. Call the professionals today!

Slab Leak Repair Service

Slab Excavation and Leak Repair.

Digging into your home's foundation or slab is the last thing we want to do, and we know it is the least desirable option for you too. We pride ourselves on being as careful as possible, and using or extremely accurate detection and location equipment to make sure we are in the correct location. We use our professional crew to make sure all digging is done carefully and with respect for your home and surroundings. Call the professionals today to get it taken care of!

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