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Since 1999 we have been using advanced electronic equipment. We can identify the problem and then pinpoint the leak. Thus ensuring that any steps we take to correct the problem are in the correct location and minimimzing any interruption to your home, floors, walls, etc. We have professionals with over 50 years of combined experience locating water and sewer leaks under the slab. Slab leaks can be a serious interruption in your home. Call us for a priority appointment to locate your leak quickly and minimize the damage that leaks can cause to your home.

Some indications that you have a slab leak:

  • If you hear water running but cannot find the source
  • If you suddenly have a higher water bill without explanation
  • If you have hot spots on the floor
  • If you have lower water pressure than usual
  • If your water heater is constantly running

Slab Leak Location

Advanced Locating Equipment.

We have electronic listening equipment to accurately listen for and detect a leak under your home's foundation or slab. This can be one of the most costly plumbing repairs to take care of, so we are going to be 100% sure of our diagnosis before we recommend repairs or alternatives.

Slab Leak Detection

Detecting Leaks

Find out whether your leak is in the yard, under the slab, or maybe it is just a running toilet. In any case let our caring and professional plumbers help you.

Slab Leak Repair Service

Slab Excavation and Leak Repair.

Digging into your home's foundation or slab is the last thing we want to do, and we know it is the least desirable option for you too. We pride ourselves on being able to give you options. Two of which do not require going through your floor. We have an in-house professional crew to make sure all digging is done properly and with respect for your home and surroundings. Call us, we're here to help!